Vote:  Justine Bucknell

I am seeking your support to attend the ETFO Annual Meeting this year.

I have been teaching for the past 16 years, and have been involved in our local as steward, and more recently as your treasurer. During my time as treasurer, I have learned a great deal about the inner workings of our local and would love the opportunity to see first-hand how things happen at the provincial level. I was fortunate enough to have been chosen as a delegate last year, and would love to have the opportunity to attend this year.
Thank you for considering me to represent you at the ETFO Annual Meeting

Vote:  Linda Hillier

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a delegate for the ETFO Annual Meeting.

I would like to attend that Annual Meeting in Toronto this year. As a newer member of the union, I have come to understand the importance being involved and the support that our union gives to educators, now more than ever.

Currently, I am acting Chair of the Status of Women Committee and a member of the Equity Committee. As a Kindergarten teacher I am very concerned about the proposed removal of caps on class sizes in the primary division and the possible changes that the current government is considering for the Kindergarten Program. I would like to take your concerns and hopes for the future with me as I attend this year’s meeting.

Please, vote for Linda Hillier to stand with our REM as your teacher representative for Hastings Prince-Edward ETFO local.

Vote: Nicole Larkman

Dear Colleagues,
I am asking for the privilege of your vote to be a Delegate to the 2019 ETFO Annual Meeting.
ETFO Experience:

➢ AGM Alternate Delegate
➢ School Steward
➢ Past Committee Member on Professional Development Committee
➢ Past Chair and Committee Member on Status of Women Committee
➢ Provincial Status of Women Committee Chair Conference Participant
➢ Local Executive Secretary
➢ ETFO Language and Math OT Workshop Presenter
➢ Participant in numerous Provincial ETFO training workshops and conferences

It would be my honour and a privilege to support the Hastings-Prince Edward membership through expressing the opinions of our local members at the 2019 Annual General Meeting.
Having one’s voice heard is vital to developing and supporting an effective, engaging, and supportive workplace. It makes me proud that ETFO provides the opportunity to have all members express their opinions and views on current issues we experience: to have them join as a united voice.

Vote for a committed voice and new perspective to the group representing our local.

Vote: Amira Loney

Chief Negotiator for ETFO-HP Teacher, 2017-present
Local Executive Member – Secretary, 2012-present
Extended Joint Staffing Committee, 2014, 2016-2018
Other Previous Experience: Local Budget Committee, Constitution Committee, Political Action Chair, First Five Chair, South Unit President, Steward

I am looking for your support to attend the ETFO Annual General Meeting as a Delegate. I have a wealth of experience that I share with the Local and I have also had experience with the AGM as a functionary and as an AGM Committee member. The role of Delegate is important as it acts as the voice for the members of the Local that are not attending. Delegates have the responsibility to put personal opinions aside and vote on what is best for the membership. In my role as Chief Negotiator, I feel this is an important year to attend the AGM as we will be heading towards expiring contracts and into a potentially difficult year of bargaining. The opportunity to hear from the whole organization will be invaluable moving forward.

Vote: Jane Scanlan-Price

Dear Colleagues,
I am asking you to support me this year as one of your delegates to the ETFO Annual General Meeting. I have been honoured to represent our members at this meeting for several years, and I hope you will allow me to represent you again.

Over the years I have brought the concerns of small locals like ours to the floor of the Annual Meeting. Last year, I was able to ask the OTF Table Officer, during a question and answer period, what the OTF plans to do about the mandate creep of the College of Teachers. I would be more than happy to to bring member questions to the floor of the AGM.

For the past 19 years I have been a steward, delegate, committee chair and executive member. These positions, along with many provincial training courses have given me the experience to serve you well at the Annual Meeting. I have a passion for our Federation and a desire to represent you.
Thank you for supporting me over the years and I hope you will again.

Yours in solidarity,

Vote: Dianne Sedore-McCoy

ETFO Federation Involvement
2013–2016 ETFO 2nd Vice President Hastings-Prince Edward Local
2001–2013; 2016-2018 School Steward/HPE ETFO Executive Member
• Executive member of HPEDSB Local (2001 -2016)
• Chair of Political Action Committee, Equity Committee
• Delegate to ETFO Annual Meeting and ETFO REP Council
• Past member of HPE ETFO Local Negotiating Team, Joint Staffing Committee, Union Management Committee
• ETFO Provincial Facilitator for Reflections on Practice (2006-2007)
• ETFO Provincial Presenter for Indigenous Equity Workshops (2019-2021)

I have always put the needs of members in the forefront in regards to my work as a steward, as a fellow teacher, and in my various roles within our federation.

Current role:
I am the Learning Support Coordinator Indigenous Education in Curriculum Services at the Education Centre. In my role, I support teachers in the classroom to implement Indigenous perspective into classroom practice.
Over the past year I have supported teachers in their classrooms on a variety of projects in the following schools: York River, Stirling, Tyendinaga, Madoc Township, Marmora, Trent River, and Massassauga-Rednersville.
I have recently been selected as an ETFO Provincial Presenter delivering Indigenous Equity workshops in ETFO Locals within Eastern Ontario. I completed training at ETFO Provincial office in January.

Vote: Marlene Sutton

I am seeking your support to attend the ETFO AGM in Toronto this summer as your delegate.

I have been a teacher with HPEDSB for 18 years, teaching grades K-8 and special education. I have experience working with ETFO at both a local and a provincial level. Locally, I have served on the Professional Development committee, the Equity and Social Justice Committee and the Political Action Committee. At the provincial level, I have served on the Early Years Committee. Last year, as chair of the committee, I was able to attend one day of the AGM. I was very interested to observe how decisions were made and am eager to be a voice for HP ETFO at the AGM.

Thank you for your support,