Vote for LYN VAN DER WOUDE as Delegate

Hello, My name is Lynn van der Woude.

This is my 25th year teaching in HPE. I am asking for your vote to send me to the ETFO Annual Meeting in August. I have been very active in our Local, currently as a Steward, Goodwill rep, H & S Committee member, and Social Committee member.

I have attended the Annual meeting twice as an alternate.

Our local team has a passionate voice at the AGM and I feel my experience has given me a supportive voice to act on YOUR behalf. My daughter is in her 1st year at Teacher’s College and I want to fight for her, as my predecessors have for me. I am a strong advocate for teachers. I have stood in solidarity in 1997, again in 2012 and I stand during 19/20, for new, current, retired and future educators. We must let our voices be heard, not only on the strike line, but at the Annual Meeting.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my application.

Vote for KIM ISAAC as Delegate

My name is Kim Isaak.

I have been teaching since 1992.

For the past 22 years I have been teaching with the HPEDSB in North Hastings at Bancroft Public School and York River Public School. I have taught all grades from JK – Grade 8.

I love coaching x-country, volleyball, basketball, relay and track & field, both at the Jr and Int grade because I strongly believe that sports offer our students a chance to develop skills and character outside of academics.

I have been married for almost 32 years to Doug, a teacher at North Hastings High School. We have two children (ages 24 and 26) who grew up in North Hastings attending Birds Creek, North Hastings Sr El and North Hastings High School.

Both of my kids swam for years with the Belleville Swim Team, and I am still actively involved with the team as a volunteer referee and as a swimmer on the Masters Team.

I currently sit on our local executive as the chair of the Health and Safety Committee. I have learned so much in this role and want to continue learning about how the union works and ways I can be involved.

Having your vote and support would mean so much to me. I would be honoured to represent you and our Local at the AGM this year.

Vote for JUSTINE BUCKNELL as Delegate


My name is Justine Bucknell.

I am seeking your support to attend the ETFO Annual Meeting this year.

I have been teaching for the past 17 years, and have been involved in our local as steward, and more recently as your treasurer. During my time as treasurer, I have learned a great deal about the inner workings of our local and would love the opportunity to see first-hand how things happen at the provincial level. I was fortunate enough to have been chosen as a delegate last year, and would love to have the opportunity to attend this year.

Thank you for considering me to represent you at the ETFO Annual Meeting

Vote for AMIRA LONEY as Delegate

amira loney

My name is Amira Loney and I want to represent you at the ETFO Provincial Annual Meeting.

I am a long time, active ETFO member of Hastings-Prince Edward. I am the current Local Chief Negotiator, the Local Executive’s Secretary, and site captain during our strike days. I have also been a Steward, chaired the Political Action and New Member committees, as well as being actively involved in the planning and facilitation of the Provincial Annual Meeting as a poll clerk, assistant, and a two-term committee member.

In my role as the Local Chief Negotiator, it would be beneficial for me to participate in the Provincial Annual Meeting as it would allow me first hand knowledge and information that is important for all members.

I thank you for your support.

Vote for ANGELA BART VANEYK as Delegate

angela bart vaneyk

Hello. My name is Angela Bart Vaneyk.

I am a teacher at Prince Charles school in Trenton. I am running to become a delegate to the ETFO annual meeting because I believe we desperately need a change in leadership. For the last three bargaining periods, ETFO members have borne nearly all the burden of taking on the government to ensure fair and reasonable collective agreements and adequate funding for education in Ontario.

All we have gained for our efforts is the rank of lowest paid teachers in the province. As you know, in the last two rounds of negotiations, OECTA and OSSTF settled with the government early while ETFO stood its ground and lost out. Because of the “me too” clauses in the other unions’ agreements, they got everything ETFO fought for without having to put in any of the work. Right now, ETFO members are again the ones pounding the pavement, making the bulk of the sacrifices for this fight with the government. We need to oust the people at the top who always manage to leave us holding the bag.

If you agree, please vote for me to be a delegate at this summer’s annual meeting and I will do everything I can to make sure we start the next school year with more competent leadership.