TEP Application

Please be advised that the funds for TEP have been depleted. If you choose to complete this application form, you will be placed on a waiting list. This form will remain available until March 31st, 2018. An application that is on a waiting list may be approved for funds in accordance with Article L10.04.04.02. (see below)


Please complete the following application form in order to apply for the TEP subsidy. Please read the Terms of Reference prior to completing this form to ensure that you meet the requirements for this fund.


In accordance with Article of the Collective Agreement: “Any funds remaining in the Additional Qualifications Fund (10.04), the Professional Development Fund (10.05) and the Technological Enhancement Fund (Article 47) may be shared among the three (3) funds after allocations from each fund have ended. After March 31 of each school year, the combined surplus from the three (3) funds, if any, will be applied to the Local ETFO Executive for distribution. In the event that the combined surplus has not been fully depleted in accordance with its guidelines by the end of June, additional approvals for late applicants to the Additional Qualifications Fund, the Professional Development Fund and the Technological Enhancement Fund may occur, in accordance with these guidelines, or the surplus may be re-allocated by ETFO and the Board.


Terms of Reference – TEP Application

TEP Application

Details of Purchase

Please submit appropriate receipts to Pierre Martin using one of the following three options: via courier to Federation House, via fax at 613-962-4618, or via email to pmartin@etfohp.on.ca ASAP. Thank you.”