To report Violent Incidents and Accidents which directly involve staff

The Employee Accident/Violent Incident Report – Form 421-1

Please note: This online form should be completed within 24 hours or as soon as possible. The form is automatically submitted to your supervisor for their review. Please do not include student names on the form. At this time, other than taking a screen capture of your screen, there is not an option to print or download a copy of the form. You will be able to access all of your reports online. Your principal is to investigate violent incidents and then share the results of the investigation with the employee.

If you are reporting an accident that occurred while at work, you only need to complete Form 421-1 and follow the reporting process outlined in Board Procedure 420.

** If you feel that you require medical attention, please seek it immediately **
Click here for more information on workplace accident reporting (WSIB).

ETFO Violent Incident Reporting Form. Please use the link below to complete this online form.

If this violent incident involves a pupil and the behaviour of the pupil can lead to a suspension, you MUST also complete the Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form (form 378-15).

Examples of such behaviour would be: uttering a threat, swearing at a teacher or at another person in a position of authority, bullying. See Safe Schools Incident Reporting below.

Reporting a Safe Schools Incident

Safe Schools Incident Reporting:
If you have observed or become aware of a pupil “behaving in a way that is likely to have a negative impact on the school climate”, a response is now required of you. The behaviour should be reported to the principal as soon as possible so that the principal can formulate a response. You are asked to complete the Safe Schools Student Incident Reporting Form – Part 1 on every occasion when a report is made to the principal regarding student misconduct which can lead to a suspension or expulsion. Wherever possible, it is expected that the teacher will provide an oral report to the principal at the earliest, safe opportunity. The written report (Form 378-15) must be completed and submitted online to the principal/vice-principal or teacher-in-charge when it is safe to do so and no later than the end of the school day.
Form 378-15 provides a list of activities for which suspension/expulsion must be considered.