ETFO Hastings Prince Edward Local Committees

Question:  What kind of time commitment is expected if I join a committee?

Answer: Each committee meets for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours per month.  Most committees meet between 8 and 10 times per school year.

Question:  I don’t live in Belleville, can I still participate in a committee?

Answer:  Yes, the possibility of participating via video conferencing exists.

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Equity and Social Justice

Develops and implements programs, usually in the form of workshops, designed to promote awareness of equity and social justice, and to encourage greater participation of members from equity-seeking groups.  Liaise with the Board and Provincial ETFO regarding equity issues.

Chair:  Jamie Stevenson, Coe Hill Public School

New Members

Plans workshops and social events focussing on support for and participation from teachers in their first five years.

Chair:  Sherry Simms, Trent River

Health and Safety

This committee examines issues around Health and Safety.

Chair:  Stephanie Donaldson, Tyendinaga Public School

Political Action

Promotes awareness of political issues and participation in the political process.  Becomes involved in election campaigns at all three levels of government.  Works closely with the Quinte Labour Council and other affiliates.  

Chair:  Danielle Saunders, Queen Elizabeth (Belleville)

Professional Development

Organizes various professional development opportunities in the Local often enlisting the resources of the Provincial organization.  Workshops take place after school, or sometimes with release time according to provincial guidelines.

Chair: Teresa Hadley, Stirling Public School

Social/Wellness Committee

Organizes social events and wellness activities for the Local in a variety of geographic locations designed for active participation and teacher morale.

Chair:  Derek Watt, Trent River

Status of Women

Organizes activities for the enhancement of the status of women.  Yearly events include the Take Back the Night March and White Ribbon Campaign.

Shani Doucet, Prince of Wales