Terms of Reference

The Goodwill Chair will adhere to the principles as set out by the Local. The Goodwill Chair may attend Executive meetings. The Chair will provide for the budget committee a budget to enable the operation of member recognition. The Goodwill Chair will annually review the terms of reference and recommend changes to the Constitution Committee. The Chair will annually inform the Executive and Stewards of available Recognitions and the process to access the Member Recognition items:


  1. Annually to those on LTD or long-term sick leave.
  2. To incoming exchange teachers.
  3. To those on pregnancy / parental leave.

Gift Card and Card ($55)to:

  1. Active member on occasion of birth or adoption.
  2. Active member on the occasion of her/his marriage.

Flowers or donation upon request and Card (approximate cost $75 – including delivery to:

  1. An active member absent due to prolonged illness (two weeks plus).
  2. An active member on the death of immediate family member (defined in Collective Agreement).
  3. An active member on the death of a student in the member’s class.
  4. The family on the death of administrative staff of the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board.
  5. The family on the death of a trustee of the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board.
  6. The staff of the school, upon the death of a member of the staff.

Memorial Donation to a Charity of Choice ($100):

  1. Upon the death of an active member. Notification of the donation will be made to the family of the active member.

Membership - Goodwill

REM – Liaison

Jane Scanlan-Price – Chair

** Lynn Van der Woude – Member – 613.332.3721

**Goodwill requests for the North SG schools are to be forwarded to Lynn Van der Woude